Zheleznodorozhnaya - ChernoeI was contradictory. On the one hand, I liked it that they had waists, while we haven't any waists at all. This awoke in me - how should I put it? - "bliss." Yes, it awoke a feeling of bliss in me. But on the other hand, they stabbed Marat with a penknife, though Marat was incorruptible and shouldn't have been stabbed. This thought killed all feelings of bliss. On the other hand, like Karl Marx I liked the weakness in them, that is, for example, how they are compelled to squat down to urinate. This pleased me, this filled me with, well, with what? A feeling of bliss, really? Well, yes, this filled me with a feeling of bliss. But, on the other hand, didn't one of them shoot at Lenin? This killed the bliss again - squat away, but why shoot at Ilich? It would be strange to speak of bliss after that... Now I've gotten distracted.