Karacharovo - ChuklinkaI like that. I like it that my country's people have such empty, bulging eyes. This instills in me a feeling of legitimate pride. You can imagine what the eyes are like where everything is bought and sold - deeply hidden, secretive, predative and frightened. Devaluation, unemployment, pauperism ... People look at you distrustfully, with restless anxiety and torment. That's the kind of eyes they have in the world of Ready Cash.
On the other hand, my people have such eyes! They're constantly bulging but with no tension of any kind in them. There's complete lack of any sense but, then, what power! (What spiritual power!) These eyes will not sell out. They'll not sell or buy anything, whatever happens to my country. In days of doubt, in days of burdensome reflection, at the time of any trial or calamity, theses eyes will not blink. They don't give a good Goddamn about anything.
I like my people. I am happy that I was born and grew up unter the gaze of these eyes.